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Executive Compensation Plans

Recruit, Retain, Reward

In today’s competitive business environment, key executives are one of your company’s most valuable assets. Competition to recruit, retain and reward top performers has grown to the point that traditional compensation methods are not enough.

Top executives are seeking ways to cope with tax issues and retirement needs amid restrictive legislation that dramatically limits the amount of income that can be deferred or contributed to the company’s qualified retirement plan. These executives are seeking wealth-building opportunities.

For this reason, a growing number of companies are turning to nonqualified deferred compensation arrangements, split dollar plans, phantom stock plans, and golden handcuffs to augment their key executives’ retirement benefits packages and overcome many of the regulatory restrictions that apply to qualified retirement plans.

Professional Guidance

As professionals with many years of experience in executive compensation strategies, Gallagher Pool Wealth Management’s role is to serve as your company’s advocate – helping you define your specifications and compare existing programs with your current goals, with recent developments and with the competition.

We help you orchestrate the plan; assemble the required specialists; coordinate arrangements with your legal, accounting and internal advisors; and guide every aspect of your plan’s development.

The intended end result is a custom-built solution structured around your unique requirements – whether it’s:

Retaining key personnel;
Restoring executive benefits lost to government limits on qualified retirement plans;
Rewarding executives and aligning their behavior with the company’s long and short-term goals;
Recruiting key executives to your company; or
Retiring executives as part of a well-coordinated succession plan.

Comprehensive Services

Gallagher Pool Wealth Management goes beyond the traditional scope of services in our commitment to ensure that your executive compensation strategies not only meet your company’s financial goals, but are competitive with other companies that may be seeking the same key performers. Our services include:

1. Needs Assessment
2. Analysis Of Existing Plans
3. Cost Savings Recommendations
4. Integrated Plan Development
5. Estate Planning Strategies

A Disciplined Process

The best nonqualified designs can fail because of inadequate or ineffective funding arrangements that do not immunize the corporation against the liabilities created by these plans. Accordingly, our professional process is designed to address all aspects of your plan’s mechanics so that it performs as intended.

1. Plan Design
2. Plan Funding
3. Plan Administration
Our goal is to ensure that your plan design reflects your company’s goals as well as those of your valued executives.

For existing plans, we are available to conduct a comprehensive audit of your current program and/or funding arrangements.
For new plans, we work with you to integrate a new strategic design with existing plans – that have been validated, revised and enhanced.

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