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Wealth GPS

At Gallagher Pool Wealth Management, we excel at simplifying the intricate landscape of financial planning to empower our clients. With a collective experience of over 40 years in financial planning, Charlie Pool and Phil Gallagher offer a bespoke, streamlined team approach designed to guide you seamlessly through your financial journey.

Navigating Life’s Financial Journey

Life's myriad demands can often derail our efforts to effectively manage our financial affairs, potentially hindering our choices and opportunities in the long run. Recognizing this challenge, and drawing from decades of experience working with successful clients, we have developed the Wealth GPS—a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and better position all aspects of your financial landscape.

Through the Wealth GPS process, we aim to unravel the complexities and interconnections within your financial life, enabling us to craft a holistic and integrated plan specifically tailored to your unique circumstances. By connecting the dots across all facets of your financial well-being, we embark on a journey to:

  • Build and manage your wealth in alignment with your individual needs and objectives.
  • Mitigate life's uncertainties by effectively managing risks.
  • Strategically navigate various tax landscapes, including income, excise, capital gains, gift, estate, and generation-skipping taxes.
  • Plan for a seamless transition from pre-retirement preparations to retirement distribution management, helping to ensure the continuance of your desired lifestyle.
  • Adapt and fine-tune your financial plan continuously to keep pace with changes in your personal and business environments, as well as external shifts in the economy and markets.

By harnessing the power of the Wealth GPS approach, we empower you to navigate the complexities of financial planning with confidence and clarity, providing you with a roadmap that not only meets your current needs but also adapts to accommodate the dynamic nature of your financial journey.


Our process commences with active listening and thoughtful inquiry to gain insights into your aspirations, worries, core values, and visions—for your retirement, family, business, health, and the legacy you aim to leave for future generations. By delving deep into your objectives, a nuanced understanding of the potential opportunities and risks begins to unfold. This journey of discovery, encompassing your goals, risks, and opportunities, is foundational in shaping a personalized plan aimed at guiding you adeptly through every milestone in your financial voyage.

Through this holistic approach, we aim to not just comprehend your unique financial landscape but also unearth the underlying motivations driving your aspirations. By weaving together your hopes, concerns, values, and dreams, we lay the groundwork for a strategic roadmap that navigates the complexities of your financial future with precision and purpose. This tailored plan stands as a beacon, illuminating the path toward realizing your aspirations and pursuing a prosperous future for you and your loved ones.


Moving forward, our process advances to a meticulous analysis of your financial landscape, tax considerations, and risk profile, followed by in-depth exploration and stress-testing of various financial models and strategy combinations. This phase involves leveraging our expertise to deploy proprietary sub-processes for tactical wealth management and bespoke business planning solutions.

Throughout this stage, we may collaborate with your existing advisors to help ensure that your plan seamlessly integrates with your broader financial framework. This collaborative approach assures alignment and synergy across all aspects of your financial affairs, promoting a cohesive and harmonious strategy that serves as the cornerstone of your financial success.

The outcome is a harmonious convergence of thoughtful and strategic recommendations, meticulously curated into a coherent and comprehensive plan that resonates with your unique objectives and aspirations. This unified plan is designed to empower you with clarity, insight, and confidence as you navigate the complexities of your financial journey towards a confident and prosperous future.


Armed with a clear roadmap, the path forward becomes unequivocal. Utilizing in-depth analysis and disciplined frameworks, we strategically orchestrate the acquisition of funding through suitable vehicles tailored to your unique needs. Rigorous due diligence governs the positioning and allocation of your assets, helping to ensure alignment with the meticulous specifications outlined in your customized plan.

Central to our approach is the design of strategies imbued with flexibility, equipped to proactively anticipate and adapt to both macroeconomic shifts and personal transitions at every juncture of your financial voyage. By crafting safeguards and strategies with foresight and adaptability in mind, we empower you to navigate changes—be they on a global scale or in your personal circumstances—with resilience and confidence, aiming to foster continued growth and prosperity along your financial path.


As your financial goals come into focus, we remain dedicated to meticulously overseeing the execution of your tailored plan to help ensure it stays true to its intended trajectory. Regular reviews are put in place to assess the performance of your plan, allowing us to pivot and recalibrate in response to evolving laws, regulations, market conditions, interest rate fluctuations, and investment performance.

Through these ongoing reviews, we proactively adapt to changes in your personal, business, and financial circumstances, helping to ensure that your plan remains dynamic and responsive to your evolving needs. By staying vigilant and agile in our approach, we aim to uphold the integrity and effectiveness of your financial strategy, guiding you towards continued progress and success in pursuit of your long-term objectives.

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